Statement by Governor Jan Brewer on the 1-Year Anniversary of SB 1070

The following is a statement by Governor Jan Brewer on the 1-year anniversary of SB 1070:

“One year ago Saturday, I signed into law the Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, better known as SB 1070. I said at the time — and it bears repeating now — that my signature on SB 1070 represents my steadfast support for enforcing the law, both against illegal immigration and racial profiling.

“So, where are we one year later? Federal courts have blocked some of the most critical portions of the law. But they let stand its prohibition on ‘sanctuary city’ policies, meaning local authorities can no longer turn a blind eye to illegal immigration. Just as important, the courts couldn’t sap SB 1070’s strength as a rallying point for those of us sick and tired of hearing that our nation’s border can’t be secured, illegal immigration is just too big a problem to be solved or that we all must simply accept drug smugglers on our soil and drop houses in our neighborhoods. With the signing of SB 1070, Arizona said loudly and clearly: ‘Enough.’

“Despite SB 1070 being misunderstood and erroneously portrayed by numerous initial media reports, support for the legislation spread across the entire nation. That support remains strong, whether measured by public polling or the nearly $4 million in private donations given freely by those who have contributed to the legal defense fund established last year:

“The outpouring of support from all over the country has had a significant impact. Remember, it wasn’t until a month after SB 1070 was signed that President Obama agreed to send National Guard troops to the border. Arizona’s actions and the subsequent national attention that resulted has helped pressure the White House to act on border security in ways it never would have otherwise. Now, we must keep up the pressure.

“Arizona has been more than patient in waiting for Washington to take concrete steps to stem the flow of illegal immigration. After decades of federal inaction and misguided policy, I and the Legislature had no choice but to stand up for the rule of law and the citizens of this great country. Arizona is willing to do the job that the federal government won’t do.

“One year after the signing of SB1070, I’m determined to fight for this legislation – all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary. But it is equally clear that the mission ahead of us is not merely to defend SB 1070. As Governor, I will continue to defend and protect the safety, health and welfare of Arizona citizens.

“Let no one doubt that, one year later, Arizona is stronger and more united than ever before in its resolve.”


This site is to expose those within the United States Government who took an oath to the people of these United States and have violated that oath of office.We The People intend on prosecution and removal from office.

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